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I strive to help others on their path to success. Here at Carrot our mission is to make a lasting impact. If you’re curious about the kind of information I share go ahead and give me a follow or reach out direct!

Here’s What’s Included in The Resource Pack:

First Access to “The CarrotCast”:

Listen to the journeys of the most successful real estate investors and real estate agents from around the country as we grow businesses that truly provide freedom, flexibility, grows our finances far beyond where we thought possible… and, ultimately helps us make an amazing impact!

Listen to The CarrotCast Here

My “Productivity Worksheet”:

I list the “things I need to do” and base them on urgency / importance… This sheet has helped me prioritize and categorize my daily tasks. If you cando this daily, It will keep the important things you need to get done fresh in your mind. You’ll easily get a solid 30 min jump start on your mission each day.

Download your Productivity Worksheet here

My “Daily Habit Tracker”:

Learn the most crucial realizations and steps Trevor took in order to break free from the grind, regain his happiness, and build a valuable business that is worth waking up for. This worksheet will help you retain focus, increase productivity, and provide the mental clarity you need to reach your goals!

Download your Habit Tracker Worksheet here

My “Energy Audit Process”:

When you shift what you do every day from energy drains to things that GIVE you energy, it’s amazing what happens to your happiness, productivity, and progress towards your goals. Use this energy audit to continually shift to the things that you’re great at and GIVE you more energy when you do them

Download your Energy Audit Process here

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Our 30 day challenge is designed to walk you step-by-step through the actions you need to take to be successful with Carrot and your realtor business. You will learn how to generate qualified weekly hot leads. If you closed just 1 more lead per month how would that impact your business?

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