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Earn Recurring Monthly Commissions for Life!

Join the Carrot Affiliate Partner Program and make 25% recurring monthly commissions on every referral for the life of the customer!


Did you hear the exciting news?! We MOVED affiliate tracking platforms Dec. 2022 + now on FirstPromoter. Check out this quick overview + dashboard demo to get started! Once you’re ready to login + update your links…

STEP 1: Set your password *tip: your username is your email

STEP 2: Add your PayPal payment info 

STEP 3: Update your legacy Keap/Infusionsoft links to your NEW FirstPromoter affiliate links *tip: check out this dashboard + link generator demo

PLEASE NOTE — Your legacy Keap/Infusionsoft affiliate links are sunsetting + will BREAK 01/31/2023

Thank you being an evangelist of Carrot + affiliate partner. We’re so excited to continue our partnership on the NEW + IMPROVED affiliate tracking platform! If you have any questions or need any help getting set up on the new platform, FirstPromoter, please reach out to Kayla at: kayla@carrot.com.

Happy Promoting! 🙂 

— The Carrot Team 

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Here’s how it works…

Sign up to become an affiliate — it’s EASY + FREE! Then start earning by sharing your affiliate link and share it with your customers, prospects, paste the banners on your blog or website, or submit articles to some of the major ezine websites. Once you’ve made $50 in sales and we’ve received your W-9, we’ll cut you a check each month!

Every new membership that comes through your affiliate links + banners ads earns you 25% of the recurring monthly subscription — you can see a full list of memberships here. Plus, earn 50% on our premium trainings like our Evergreen Webinar and 3 Leads Per Day! Get paid every step of the way!

Check out the earning potential based on our different membership types below!

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Once your account is created, you’ll have access to your affiliate links + other awesome marketing resources!

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Start earning commissions!

Affiliate FAQ

What commission can I earn as an affiliate partner? 

For every new membership referral you send our way, we’ll send you 25% of the monthly membership EVERY month for the LIFE of the membership — like that’s forever! Guess what?! Your earning opportunities don’t end there! You also earn 50% on education up-sells. 

How long will my referrals  track for?

Forever….but there are few important things to remember, (1) the new member must have clicked through your affiliate link before signing up with Carrot, (2) we pay out on the latest referring partner (i.e. last click attribution), and (3) our cookie does not expire, but will be lost if the referral clears their cookie history.

When will I get paid? 

Commissions paid out on a monthly basis. You must have earned a minimum $25, submitted payment information and your completed W9 in order to receive commissions. 

We process all commissions between day 10 and 15 of each month for the month prior to last. Meaning you’ll receive payment for the commissions approximately 2 months after earned. For example, any commissions earned in January would be held through February in case there are any 30-day refunds, then processed and paid out mid-March.

This is because of our 30-day money-back guarantee, so we have to wait for 30 days before processing commissions in order to avoid clawbacks.

Read the complete Affiliate Program FAQ’s here.