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Join the Carrot Affiliate Partner Program and make 25% recurring monthly commissions on every referral for the life of the customer!

3 Reasons it Pays to be a Carrot Affiliate Partner
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Earn Recurring Monthly Commissions for Life: Sign up to become an affiliate — it’s EASY + FREE! Then start earning by sharing your affiliate link directly with your customers and prospects. You also paste the banners on your blog or website and submit articles to some of the major ezine websites, or promote in almost any way you can think of.

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Monetize Your Current Audience:  Every new membership that comes through your affiliate links + banners ads earns you 25% of the recurring monthly subscription. Plus, earn 50% on our premium trainings like our 3 Leads Per Day! Get paid every step of the way!

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Pay for Your Own Carrot Subscription & Supplement Your Marketing Budget: Lot’s of Carrot customers who find success with us end up becoming an affiliate to cover the cost of their Carrot subscription and all the rest of their marketing costs. It doesn’t get better than getting paid to recommend a product you love!

Endless Earning Potential


The average Carrot Member stays for 15 months which means you can earn for years!


Our top affiliate partners are bringing in more than $2,000 in commissions each month!

3.5 Million

We’ve paid out a total of $3.5 million to our affiliate partners & we’re still counting!

Promotion Made Simple

We provide all the tools, resources, and support you need to make winning promotion campaigns.

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Once your account is created, you’ll have access to your affiliate links + other awesome marketing resources!

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Start earning commissions!

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You’ll be in good company when you join us. See why these folks became affiliate partners— and how they’ve used our support and resources to drive some serious results!

Affiliate Program Frequently Asked Questions

What commission can I earn as an affiliate? 

For every new membership referral you send our way, we’ll send you 25% of the monthly membership EVERY month for the LIFE of the membership — like that’s forever!

Earn 25% recurring on our Base Subscription (monthly + annual) plus 25% recurring for the following Add-Ons:

  • Premium Designs
  • SEO Tools
  • Content Tools
  • Integrations
  • Additional Sites

Psssst…..this includes our annual memberships + bundles too! Check out our pricing here.

When will I get paid? 

Commissions paid out on a monthly basis. Payments are processed + paid via Paypal by the 5th of each month. 

You must have earned a minimum $50 as well as submitted BOTH your Paypal payment information + your completed W9 in order to receive commission payouts.  

We have net-60 payment terms. Once you’ve submitted all the payment + tax information, you’ll receive payment via Paypal for the commissions approximately 2 months after earned.

For example, any commissions earned in January would be held through February in case there are any refunds, then processed and paid out by April 5th. This is because of our money-back guarantee, so we have to wait for 60 days before processing commissions in order to avoid clawbacks.

How long will my referrals  track for?

Forever….but there are few important things to remember, (1) the new member must have clicked through your affiliate link before signing up with Carrot, (2) we pay out on the latest referring partner (i.e. last click attribution), and (3) our cookie does not expire, but will be lost if the referral clears their cookie history.

Have More Questions?

Read our full F.A.Q page located here. You can also reach out to with any questions you may have as well. We’re happy to dive in and walk you through the program and even help with setup!

Carrot’s Affiliate Agreement