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Imagine always having the best online lead generation experts to turn to and ask your questions LIVE each week. At no extra cost.

Each week our Content Pro members are invited to a Mastermind Call where we discuss the most pressing topics in the real estate investor industry as well as diagnosis our customers sites. We will literally get into your account and help you tweak your SEO, content, YouTube, discuss your strategies, and more.

These calls are always recorded so if you can’t make it on live you can always follow up and watch what you missed. If you are a Content Pro member you can view them here.

Each month we focus two of our Mastermind calls to be on a topic relevant to real estate investors. The other call is set up especially for diagnosing customer websites and finding how to best improve their SEO, PPC, content, etc.

We will always open up the last 20-30 minutes for Q&A…and if you don’t get your question answer you can email us and we will put it on the list for next week.

“Trevor. This was an excellent Mastermind call. These calls alone are worth the monthly fee for the website. I cannot express how much I appreciate you taking the time to conduct these calls.

Victoria W.

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Topic Based Call

Twice a month we focus our Mastermind calls on a topic that relates to real estate investors and your business. These calls might be the latest developments in SEO, or productivity lessons and other strategy related topics. Scroll below this video to see an example of our past Mastermind topics. We also open the last part of these calls up to Q&A so you can implement the trainings.

Diagnosis Call

Twice a month we will open up the call for Q&A where we will answer questions and dive into your account to help you implement our suggestions. Our customers love the extra strategy, SEO, and optimizations tips we give out on these calls. The best part? You can hear other investors awesome questions and implement the same changes on your website.

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See a list of past Mastermind Topics

  • Making Sure Your SEO Is On Track
  • LIVE Website Traffic Conversion Diagnosis with Adrian Nez
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  • Traffic + Conversion Diagnosis Call: PLUS – Announce a pre-release bonus for the new 3LPD course!
  • Traffic + Conversion Diagnosis Call: PLUS – Announce a pre-release bonus for the new 3LPD course!
  • Youtube Video Marketing Diagnosis 2 Advanced Tips
  • LIVE Website Traffic + Conversion Diagnosis w/ Adrian Nez
  • Boosting The Conversion Rate On Your Website
  • LIVE Website Traffic + Conversion Diagnosis
  • LIVE Website Traffic Conversion Diagnosis
  • Content Marketing That Works
  • LIVE Website Traffic Conversion Diagnosis
  • The Future Of Mobile Friendly Search And The Big Change Google Is Making April 21st
  • Getting Started With Your InvestorCarrot Account!
  • Live Website Traffic + Conversion Diagnosis Call
  • Solid Backlink Sources to Improve Search Rankings
  • Using Google My Business to help your overall SEO profile
  • 2015 SEO Keyword Bible Research Sneak Peak

Here are a few more reasons to join our Content Pro package and get access to our Mastermind Calls:

  • It’s an instant way to join a mastermind that is laser-focused on growing your business.
  • You get proven field-tested marketing techniques to find more motivated sellers, cash buyers, and private money because we’re always testing and tweaking to find out what’s working right now.
  • You’ll hear the insider’s secret strategies that you won’t get anywhere else.
  • PLUS, you can ask your burning marketing questions and get straight answers from people who are doing it already. (Go ahead, bring your questions each week and tap into our brains).

“I am enjoying Carrot and especially the Mastermind Calls. Occasionally I get there live, but always go back and watch.”

Theron M.

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