Busting Through Your Limiting Beliefs

What is your theme for achieving your goals? Not sure? Well, that is one of the things we will discuss in this video and the lack of intention is quite possible a limiting belief.

If you want to bust through your limiting beliefs and achieve your goals for not only your real estate investor business but your financial and life goals as well….then watch this video.

Here is a quick breakdown of the video contents:

  • Identifying beliefs that are holding you back (29:00)
  • Understanding beliefs that fuel you (34:00)
  • Traditional business beliefs (42:00)
  • Learn to bust through your limiting beliefs (50:00)
  • Step 1: Write down beliefs that are holding you back (53:00)
  • Example of a limiting belief (54:00)
  • Step 2: Is this belief true without a shadow of a doubt? (57:00)
  • Little red flags (1:03)
  • Step 3: Take your beliefs through these 5 simple questions (1:10)
  • Example of real customer’s site and their backend lead generation (1:45)

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