Is it possible to build a successful business that scales without your time, gives you freedom and empowers you to make an impact? That’s the question Carrot set out to answer… and 7 years later they’ve grown to $10 Million in revenue as one of the fastest growing companies in America… all from a small town in rural Oregon. In this series dedicated to ambitious entrepreneurs, investors, and agents, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at exactly how they do it. Meet the people, unlock the mindset, and discover the tools to grow the business of your dreams.

Episode 1: Seasons
Carrot begins a hiring spree as the Covid pandemic enters full swing. How does leadership maintain culture while the fast-growing team adapts to a new way of work?

Episode 2: Hustle vs Happiness
Carrot sets out to challenge the traditional 40-hour work week. Through experiments with 3 Day weekends to month-long sabbaticals, we ask the question “Can we really do more with less? Here’s what we found.

Episode 3: Why Nobody Wants What You Have to Sell
What’s the difference between a boring business and the brands you love & buy from? It’s community. Carrot dives deep into how we’ve to create a thriving community of brand evangelists like nobody’s business, by doing things that make almost no financial sense.