Thriving in An Ultra-Competitive Market by Making Your Offer Stand Out”

In this session, Eric Young breaks down how he works with agents by giving them daily leads with a 3-offer strategy. All agents and all investors need to pay attention to this. It’s not just about growing profits. It’s about how you’re presenting your offering and your value to those sellers in a way that truly solves more of their problems. Learn how to use these three offers.

Eric Young

Generate More Leads Online with Carrot

Our customers are generating over 56,729 inbound leads per month right now… and growing (sellers, buyers, tenants, rent to own, and more). If you closed just 1 more lead per month how would that impact your business?

Ryan Dossey

So…. Looks like I’m eating my words. Just had someone fill out the form on my site. They called me after a Google search about selling their home in my market…. Well done guys.

Ryan Dossey Christopher Ellyn Homes
Anthony Beckham

I always try to sell them on the listing first because I think that’s the right thing to do; I can make them more money that way. I always show them the numbers and my clients are so appreciative of that. But when those do turn into listings, we’re selling those listings because the sellers are motivated.

Anthony Beckham The Beckham Group & Beckham Group Investments