4 Parts of SEO for Real Estate Investors

These 4 parts of SEO for Real Estate Investors will give you the building blocks of how to achieve high rankings in search engines.

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The 4 Main Parts of SEO for Real Estate Investors Are…

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You may not have the time or the desire to learn the intricacies of SEO. But you don’t have to learn SEO all at once. If you try and understand everything there is to know about SEO you will become overwhelmed and frustrated.

These 4 core concepts will give you a fundamental understanding of SEO and allow you to implement these actionable steps on your website.

  • URL Factors – Nice simple URLs that are readable and give the user an idea of what they are before they click. This is important for structuring the links of your site.
  • On Page Factors – Make your content relevant to the keywords and the traffic you are trying to target. The content should be high quality and target a specific keyword. Google wants to see robust and quality content.
  • Off Page Factors – Make sure you are pointing good quality links back to your site. Google likes to see credible sites linking to other credible sites. If you would like more information about backlinks and improving your digital footprint check the links below.
  • Social Factors – Although social rankings might be a small factor it is a factor and more then that it helps build credibility and transparency in your company. If a lead can see that you are a real person and your company is active online it can ease a lead’s apprehension when dealing with selling their house to a stranger.

If you have an InvestorCarrot website we make it really easy to implement these SEO strategies with our Carrot SEO tool. But besides our SEO tool, InvestorCarrot has a lot of other amazing features and awesome resources to help jumpstart your inbound marketing education. Here are a few that we think you will find big time value with.

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Carrot Sites have most of this optimization included out of the box!

Our built-in SEO Tools, Carrot conversion methodology and commitment to providing great training and support all combine to provide high achieving investors the right mix of technology and strategy to get the results you need to grow your business.

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