We’re Launching 3 BRAND NEW Premium Features In June.

Keyword Explorer. The Carrot Community. + A Fresh New Premium Design.

Join us LIVE below @ 9:45am PST Tuesday 6/28 to see a LIVE demo of the Carrot Community
+ why the Advanced Marketer Plan is now more valuable than ever + $200 bonus when you upgrade or join in June.

Lock-In More Value With Our Advanced Marketer Plan + Receive A $200 Bonus!

Unlock huge value by joining or upgrading to the Advanced Marketer Plan in June. Every week We’re announcing a new feature that can save you time, help you stand out, increase your confidence in your SEO, and more!

Launching June 14th!

SEO Keyword Explorer

See what keywords your website is already ranking for, spy on your competitors to find out what keywords are driving their traffic, and discover new keywords to get the best leads.

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Launching July 1st!

The Carrot Community – “Founding Member” Status

Finally, the Carrot Community together, in one place. Join thousands of other Carrot members to connect, ask questions of top experts, and help others succeed.

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Launching June 28th!

New Premium Design: Mahogany – Exclusive Access

Our latest premium design for Advanced Marketer members will help you stand out while retaining the high-performance Carrot is known for. With a click of a mouse, activate this Carrot design to stand out visually in your local market.

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Unlock This $200 Bonus When You Join or Upgrade to The Advanced Marketer Plan

Unlock all of the Advanced Marketer Plan features, the 3 new June features + receive these special bonuses when you join or upgrade to AM by June 31st.

  • Advanced SEO Keyword Research Workshop: In early July we’ll be doing an advanced SEO keyword research workshop for Advanced Marketer Members Only. 2 of our most successful Carrot clients who pull in over 100 organic SEO sellers per month will teach exactly how they’re uncovering the best keywords in each market.

    Value: $199
  • A Chance To Win A $500 Ticket To The Aug 31st Million Dollar Meeting Event: In August we’re co-hosting a live event in Dallas, TX called Million Dollar Meeting. Hundreds of top investors and agent/hybrids (and tons of Carrot clients) will be converging on Dallas to learn strategies and tactics to take on this changing market. I’ll be there w/ many of our top clients. Those who join or upgrade to Advanced Marketer in June will receive 1 entry and a chance to receive 1 of 2 $500 tickets we’ll be giving away for the event!

    Value: $500

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Backed & Supported by the World-Class Carrot Experience and Team

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“What Is The Advanced Marketer Plan?
How Can It Help Me Earn More In The Shifting Real Estate Market?”

Well, I’m glad you asked.

At only $199/mo, the Advanced Marketer Plan is the ideal plan for those real estate investors or agents who want to stand out more with their design, who want to leverage our content automation tools, who are serious about growing their SEO leads, and who want our highest level of support and access to the Carrot team.

In the month of June, we’re adding 3 high-value brand new features that are exclusive to the Advanced Marketer Plan members only. Our first big upgrade to the SEO Suite we’re building in 2022… Keyword Explorer. The launch of the new online Carrot Community. And a new Premium Design exclusive to Advanced Marketer Members only.

If you’re currently on the Content Pro plan,
when you upgrade for only an additional $99/mo you’ll unlock…

  • Premium Support: All Carrot plans have access to our amazing live chat support. Advanced Marketer Plan members unlock Premium Phone Support, access to our Carrot Success Coaches for quarterly strategy sessions, and now the Carrot Community
  • Premium Website Designs: Less than 5% of the websites on our system are using any single premium design. This means with a click of a mouse your Carrot site can stand out in the search results even more. Every week we have top investors and agents moving back to Carrot from “pretty” custom websites that underperformed… to Carrot’s high performing platform + a Carrot Premium Design to stand out.
  • Premium Automated Content System: Research shows that our customers who use our Content Automation System are getting 70% more leads each month than those who aren’t. The Advanced Marketer Plan gives you access to 24 articles per month to choose from to post/automate on your website to help you stand out even more. This feature alone is worth well over $400/mo. It’s yours included in the Advanced Marketer Plan.
  • Launch 3 High Performing Carrot Sites: You can launch up to 3 high performing sites if you’re looking to generate multiple types of leads. Leverage our high-converting mobile home lead template, our land seller / buyer templates, cash buyer template, rent-to-own lead template, note buyer/seller template, Hybrid Investor/Agent motivated seller template, and more.
  • Unlimited Tracking Links: If you run any ads on Facebook, Google, or if you post links to your content on social media… and you’re curious which ads are driving the leads the best? Or, “Do these articles I’m posting on FB ever turn into traffic and leads to my site?”. Well the Tracking Links system on Carrot will tell you exactly which marketing is working and which isn’t. You get unlimited access to this powerful tool.
  • Track Up To 20 SEO Keywords Per Site: If you’re expanding outside of a local city and want to know where you’re ranking in Google for your top SEO keywords… our SEO Ranking Tracker will tell you. The Advanced Marketer Plan includes tracking of up to 20 keywords per site + you can add on as many keywords that you want to track for just $10/mo per 40 additional keywords.
  • Access Our Investor/Agent Hybrid Website: If you’re both an investor and agent looking for motivated house sellers, use our new Hybrid Template, available only on the Advanced Marketer Plan.
  • And Now NEW in June… you’ll now access our brand new SEO Keyword Explorer feature, Founding Member status of the Carrot Community, and a fresh new Premium Design… Mahogany.

All of this for just $199/mo.

Here are a few things Advanced Marketer Plan members have said recently

Our data shows that the Advanced Marketer Plan members generate more leads on average than any other plan type.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m already a Carrot member on Core or Content Pro, does upgrading cost me anything today?

No, you will not be charged anything today for upgrading. On your next billing cycle, you will be billed the Advanced Marketer rate of $199 per month, and can downgrade anytime if you wish.

I’m looking to join Carrot today, how does that work?

This is a perfect time to join! For the first time ever access and be a part of building our new Carrot Community. But to join, CLICK HERE and select if you’re focusing primarily on investing or as an agent (if both, pick the one you want to use Carrot for first). Then launch your Authority Hub website today, dive into the training, community, and more! Advanced Marketer plan members get a complimentary onboarding call with our Carrot team + Premium Phone Support and weekly Group Coaching Call access! (and more!)

I already have a website, can I bring it to Carrot?

No, Carrot is the platform your new high-performing Authority Hub website will be on. Every week the largest investors and agents switch to Carrot from “pretty” custom websites that under-perform and lose leads and deals. You’ll be able to shore up the performance with your online marketing and stop losing leads and deals from cheap underperforming websites.

What kind of support will I get with Advanced Marketer?

With this plan you get our highest level “front of the line” support from our team. This includes Premium Phone support, weekly group coaching calls, and an Onboarding Call. PLUS, brand new in June, 2022… you’ll be a Founding Member of our new Carrot Community… 60 days before the Core and Content Pro plans.

Unlock Our 3 new game-changing features TODAY

Join Advanced Marketer to Access All These Features:
Keyword Spy, The Carrot Community, + our latest Premium Design: Mahogany

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