It’s Success Month!

Carrot members report 7x higher lead-to-deal conversion and an increase of nearly $14,000 profit per deal, but how can you achieve such amazing results?

In “Success with Carrot Month” we celebrate some of Carrot members’ best stories for how they’ve grown their real estate business with Carrot’s industry-leading marketing platform. Take a peek into what they’re doing to attract & convert leads and build businesses of true freedom & impact

Watch these stories to see how other investors are crushing it with Carrot!

Increase Conversion

Experience immediate uplift in lead gen and conversion

Most Carrot members first priority when joining is to get their Lead Gen Hub (aka their real estate website) online as quickly and painlessly as possible, and to experience immediate lead generation and conversion.

Get ahead in lead gen with our 30 Day Challenge →

Bryan Driscoll Carrot Testimonial MDM 4

Bryan’s Lead Gen Hub was simple to setup and converts 11% of ALL the leads he generates into closed deals!

Attract Quality Traffic

Utilize Carrot’s SEO content and expertise

Once Carrot members have launched their Lead Gen Hub and begin to see some lead conversion success, the natural next step would be to get as much high-quality traffic to visit your website through SEO and marketing campaign tactics.

Drive quality traffic with our 30 Day Challenge→ Testimonial - Chris & Rosangeles Russo Testimonial

Carrot’s Content Packs helped Chris and Rosangeles post consistent, unique content to attract their ideal leads, closing six figures in SEO deals this year!

Scale Your Business

Grow with automation to increase team efficiency

When you have a high-performing website that’s generating more leads than you can handle, that’s a good sign that it may be time to scale your business through building a team and/or automating your systems.

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Why InvestorFuse +Carrot with John Monday

John moved to InvestorFuse’s CRM to seamlessly sync with his Carrot sites, and manages his leads to closed deals faster.

Consistently Improve

Reinvent yourself with an entrepreneurial mindset

Do you feel like although your real estate business is doing well with consistent lead flow and closed deals, that you don’t know what your next step is?

Then it’s time for you to shift your mindset with some guidance to build back your purpose, intention, and impact.

Reignite your momentum with EPIC →

What I love bout Carrot's EPIC Coaching by Matt Bonestroo

Matt felt lost in his real estate journey but has regained focus & momentum as an entrepreneur through Carrot’s EPIC program!

Celebrate your newfound freedom just like these Carrot members!

Whether you’re an investor, agent, or hybrid, Carrot’s platform and team can positively impact your real estate business while simultaneously helping you gain back your freedom to focus on the most important areas of your business and life.

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Closing 25% of His Leads: How Max Maxwell Leverages Online Marketing to Close 1 in 4 Leads
A Review of Websites, as told by EXP Agent, AnneMarie LaTulip

With Carrot’s real estate marketing platform you’ll soon find yourself attracting the right audience, converting them into high-quality leads, and closing more deals than ever before just like these Carrot members have!

Ready for the 30 Day Challenge to grow your business?

Our 30 Day Challenge is designed to walk you step-by-step through the actions you need to take to be successful with Carrot and your real estate business. You will learn how to generate qualified weekly hot leads. If you closed just one more lead per month, how would that impact your business?