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The Ultimate Growth Hacking Bundle for Generating Leads

With Over $2,752 in value, here’s everything you need to Growth Hack your way to consistent motivated seller leads & build serious momentum for 2022.

What is Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking, AKA “Growth Marketing,” is using a data driven, testing, and experimenting approach to your marketing. Coupled with cost effective and resource light marketing strategies, it’s an amazing field of focus that helps to grow your lead gen capabilities. Which also means- getting more deals.

You don’t need to be an experienced web developer or to learn anything super complicated to succeed with growth hacking — we’ve done the work for you, and created a special bundle that covers all the areas you need to focus on to accelerate your growth. Through years of testing, we’ve developed a proven strategy that covers all the growth hacking bases!

  • Marketing & Psychology
  • Tech, Tools, & Automation
  • Data & Experimentation

What’s Included in our Growth Hacking Bundles

Marketing & Psychology

  • Access to Our 30 Day Challenge
    Dramatically improve your site by focusing on one highly significant task per day.
  • Our Hybrid Model Training
    On-Demand Training for agents and investors
  • Entrepreneur Freedom Formula
    How To regain your time, increase your impact, build the business of your dreams

Tech, Tools & Automation

  • 2 Months of Advanced Marketer
    Our highest performing plan
  • $30 or $60 DealMachine App Credit
    200+ FREE Skip Traces or 50+ FREE Mailers

Data & Experimentation

  • 3 Leads Per Day Training
    #1 Real Estate SEO training, Adwords training, YouTube, and more
  • $1.2 Million Dollar Google Ads Campaign
    The plug-and-play campaign our most successful members use. 
  • 60 Days to a Deal w/ Google Ads
    In-depth live training where we show you step by step on how to get a deal

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2 Months of Advanced Marketer
Valued at $398

Access To Our 30 Day Challenge
Valued at $499

Our 3 Leads Per Day Training
Valued at $499

Our 60 Days to a Deal W/ Google Ads Training
Valued at $499

$30 DealMachine App Marketing Credit
Valued at $30

Total Value $1,925

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Everything in the Essentials Bundle... PLUS
Valued at $1,095

Our "Hybrid" Model Training
Valued at $199

The $1.2 Million Google Ads Campaign
Valued at $399

Our Entrepreneur Freedom Formula Training
Valued at $399

$60 DealMachine App Marketing Credit
Valued at $60

Total Value $2,752

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What Are The Benefits Of Growth Hacking?

Provable ROI

By using our full system and strategies coupled with your own marketing efforts, you can use web data in conjunction with marketing data to make actionable business decisions. You'll be able to instantly tell which of your growth hacking strategies are performing well and which ones aren't. Simply focus attention on the winning strategies and let go of the ones that don't serve your bottom line.

Increased Lead Generation

The best feature of adopting a growth hacking mindset and implementing our training is that it produces a high number of motivated leads. Our strategies can be implemented into your business quite easily and return amazing results. There will be some work involved, it's not instantaneous, but with knowing you are using a proven approach, come the ease of knowing the leads will come.

Low Resource + High Flexibility

Since all our methods are low resource and extremely flexible, it makes these strategies both viable and valuable to your business. Whether you are the sole person doing all the work, or you are someone who has a large team or VA's, these strategies will work well in all situations. By using a growth-oriented mindset and implementing our training it doesn't matter if you are by yourself or have a large team.

Building Brand Reputation and Identity

Growth hacking by nature is the act of building, maintaining, expanding, and interacting with your client base. Our strategies will help you to identify and address your clients needs and pain points in a way that your competition hasn't figure out yet. You'll be one step ahead and able to provide multiple solutions that will help your business grow so you can close more deals and find more success.

Michael Rogers

Probably the most valuable part of the website is the support and online tutorials that are provided. They not only provide info about how to set up your site, but also teach you how to better your search engine rankings. You will have to put in time to make your website work well, but they provide great resources.

Trevor also hosts weekly Mastermind calls which are very informative. They often uses customers’ websites as examples and do updates on the calls to better optimize the sites. Overall I’m happy with the product and recommend it.

Michael Rogers

I can’t say enough thank yous to everyone at Carrot! I’m on page 1, at spots 2 & 3 of Google for Top Real Estate Agent [market city] and sell my home fast [market city]. I’m still on page 3 for real estate agent [market city] but steadily climbing. I’m so grateful for this part of my business. I know it means for years to come I will have brand recognition and leads!”

AMBER COOK Aria Real Estate Group