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60 Days To A Deal With Google Ads

Follow along in real-time on one investor’s journey of trying to close a deal in just 60 Days in a brand new market with only Google ads and a Carrot site.

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Here’s What You’ll Learn In This LIVE Workshop Series

We’ll help you avoid the most common mistake with paid ads and show you how to set a realistic budget based on math, not emotion.

We’ll cover the basics to get you up and running fast and show you where to get a more robust list of keywords, too.

We’ve spent years optimizing campaigns (and the websites they lead to) and will show you the steps you need to take to capture leads effectively.

What do you do when things get out of whack? We’ll walk you through exactly what you need to check to make sure your google ads campaign stays on track.

Since we’re working with a real-life investor, you’ll get to watch the follow-up calls over the coming weeks where we try to close a deal in 60 days or less, in a brand new market.


Awesome call Trevor! This was my first one and it blew my mind! I am a newbie and became a member this week and so far you and your team have far exceeded my expectations. I feel like I’m not just getting industry leading websites but I am also getting community, mentoring, and coaching…it’s amazing!

Joe Sauter

I just closed a deal from you guys, it was all because of your site and the credibility built in and all that. Going to be a really profitable deal, and I’m going to re-invest that going forward. You guys rock and I love the sites, and everything you all do!

Joe Sauter Quick Cash Sale For You

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More reasons to watch this free training

Struggling to produce consistent
motivated seller leads?

Maybe you’ve already launched your Carrot site and put in the hard work for SEO, but you’re waiting for it to pay off. Perhaps you’re in a market where it might seem like they aren’t enough motivated sellers. The solution? A combination of long-term SEO w/ short-term paid lead-gen. That’s why in this training, we’re going to show you everything you need to do to launch an effective Google Ads campaign, no matter your circumstance.

Already tried paid ads but
wasted a ton of money?

You’re not alone. We talk with investors & agents all the time who’ve attempted to branch out, only to waste a few grand and a few days or weeks of their precious time. That’s why this training is taught by our very own in-house Google Ads expert, who’s been running effective campaigns for years. We’ll show you not only how to get the leads but how to make sure you’re getting the best ROI possible.

Want to launch PPC/Google Ads
but don’t know where to start?

Venturing into paid ads can be overwhelming. That’s why this training is as tactical and easy-to-execute as humanly possible. You’ll watch us launch a new campaign from start to finish in real-time. You’ll also learn how to set your budget, optimize the campaign, and make sure your site is set up to convert more clicks into deals. We’re covering everything you need to be successful with Google Ads and nothing you don’t.

Don’t have the time to invest in paid ads
but still want the leads?

We’ve got you covered. Since this training is 100% hands-on, following along step-by-step will be a breeze. If you don’t want to do the work yourself, you can always hire a VA or share the training with someone on your team. We’ll also share the best options for outsourcing the work, so you can get the leads you’re looking for in less time.

Dec 22nd

11:30am Pacific

2 Hours

About The Hosts

The Real Estate experts who will be conducting this workshop

Trevor Mauch

Carrot CEO, Marketing Genius

Trevor has spent over a decade mastering his skills as a marketer and has helped thousands of real estate professionals do the same. His mission is to help you create consistency & predictability in your business so you can have more freedom & impact.

Brendan Holmes

Google Ads Expert

6-year Carrot Team Member and wizard of paid ads & SEO, Brendan has successfully managed dozens of successful campaigns for investors all over the nation. There’s no market he can’t handle, and he’s here to show you how he does it.

Beau Hollis

R.E. Investor

Beau ‘the closer’ Hollis has been an active investor & wholesaler in Louisville, Kentucky for over 5 years. Follow along as he goes into a brand new market, in an entirely different state, to try to close a deal in 60 days with Google Ads & his Carrot site.

Glen Williams

“You guys are the most thorough web designers I’ve ever met in my life. That you’d actually build me a site that looks this awesome and then, help me this entire time with me wanting to change things and then you following up with me and going over everything… Usually, it’s like ‘here’s your site, see ya!’ I’ve never met a company like ya’ll. My only recommendation to you guys would be to double what you charge for this.”

Glen Williams
Phil Reames

I was using a competitor company and never got a single lead. Switched to Carrot and got consistent leads.…I’m only spending $10 a day on AdWords and I’m getting leads in my market.

Phil Reames Buy Houses Kalamazoo

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60 Days To A Deal With Google Ads